Xergy Inc. Successfully Completes Second Phase SBIR Program and Has Been Awarded a New SBIR Phase “II B” for Advanced Hybrid Hot Water Heaters Today

Xergy Inc. Seaford, DE, June 23, 2016

Summary: Xergy Inc. demonstrates breakthrough technology for home appliances and wins $1MM SBIR Phase IIB Award from DOE.

Xergy Inc. a small business in Delaware, has revolutionized heating and cooling systems with its advanced electrochemical compressors. This technology was developed under $1.2 Million Small Business Innovation Award from the DOE’s Building Technologies Office (BTO)over the past two years that ended on May 19th, 2016. As part of this program, Xergy successfully demonstratedthe world’s first, and most efficient system for Hybrid Hot Water Heaters based on electrochemical compressors and advanced metal hydride based heat exchangers.

Bamdad Bahar, Xergy’s President explained “This program started with the development of our core electrochemical compressor technology, to replace mechanical compressors, for heating and cooling applications. And now, it has ended with the demonstration of a full scale system heating and cooling system applied to an important household appliance. This was a huge effort. We had to develop key components from scratch. But all the effort paid off, and it ended in delivery of a system that provides very high operating efficiencies as well as other benefits for consumers such as noiseless, vibration free operation, modularity and scalability, and most importantly it does not employ CFC based refrigerants that degrade the environment. This is a massive advancement and could affect literally every single household and community in the world.”

This week Xergy won a second round of support ($1MM) from the DOE to bring this technology to market within the next two years.

The Xergy Compressor system operates by pumping protons across an ion exchange membrane between two gas diffusion electrodes. These protons reform on one side of the membrane to produce pressurized Hydrogen gas with minimal energy loss. The hydrogen gas then penetrates a heat exchanger where it is absorbed or desorbed into a hydride compound that then gets hot and cold accordingly. Both the compression and the heat exchange processes are inherently very efficient. Xergy’s final system is therefore more efficient, motor-less noise-less, modular, scalable, more reliable than traditional mechanical systems and employs non-CFC refrigerants that do not deteriorate our environment. There are many other benefits to the Xergy technology that can be realized depending on the specific application – such as in refrigerators, heat pumps, electronic cooling systems, automotive cooling systems, etc. Proton-Pumping systems are well known in biological systems as the mechanism utilized to move nutrients across cell membranes.

This technology is transformational and disruptive, and will revolutionize refrigeration systems globally, resulting in massive environmental benefits. Obviously any gain in system efficiencies will substantially reduce energy consumption and in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. In addition, over 150 million electric motors are produced for mechanical compressors worldwide, and adoption of this technology will reduce depletion of critical raw materials used to make electric motors. Since, this technology can operate without using CFC based refrigerants, it will also dramatically reduce ozone layer depletion caused by current refrigerants. All components in Xergy’s systems are fully recyclable.

Xergy has developed many products from its R&D efforts related to ECC’s including advanced ion exchange membranes, catalyst coated membranes, micro-humidifiers, advanced sea water desalination systems, ozone disinfection systems, advanced gas storage containers. It has also partnered with the University of Delaware and Delaware State University on 4 different programs based on its technologies.

Xergy Inc. is a high-technology start-up venture based in Sussex County, Delaware with over 40 patents in process.It has entered into programs to commercialize this technology with a number of global F500 companies. Xergy Inc. won the GE Ecomagination award in 2011, was a finalist in the Cleantech Awards in 2012, won a DOE SBIR Phase 1 award in 2013, Phase II award in 2014, DOE Benefit Award in 2015, and DOE SBIR Phase IIB in 2016. Xergy has also been featured on Bloomberg Television.

For more information, please visit Xergy’s website www.xergyinc.com or contact Bamdad Bahar, at 302 629 5768


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