UD Team, Including Xergy Inc., Wins ARPA Ionics Award

A team comprising of University of Delaware’s Chemical Engineering (Dr. Yushan Yan), Xergy Inc. (Seaford, DE), RPI (Dr. Chulsung Bae), PO Cell (Haifa, Israel) and Brookhaven National Labs (BNL) has been awarded a DOE ARPA-E grant to develop Ammonia based fuel cell systems using advanced anionic exchange membranes. Xergy’s contribution to the program will involve developing advanced composite membranes based on ionomers produced at RPI and other sources.

Bamdad Bahar, President of Xergy noted, “This is the third program award involving Xergy’s technology to produce advanced composite anionic membranes within the past year. And it re-affirms our position as global leaders in this technology. We are proud to be part of such set of highly distinguished field of leading edge organizations, and will strive to contribute to the success of this program to the best of our ability.”

It is also important to note, that this award takes advantage of capabilities we developed at Xergy under other DOE programs. In effect this has been a series of great investments by DOE to position the US, in a leading position globally across of spectrum of leading edge clean energy technologies that are critical for the future of our country and the globe.

XERGY is the world leader in the development of advanced composite ion exchange membranes. It is primarily involved in the design, development, manufacture, sale and service of a range of devices, stacks, modules and systems employing its XION brand advanced membranes. XERGY products include ECCO Heat Pumps, X-CELL electrochemical compressors, XUMIDOR and XUMIDOX micro-climate control modules, XIZONE ozone generators, XIGEN fuel cells, XIPURE membrane desalination systems, XISERV ERV’s, XISENSE sensor modules and other products in the pipeline. These systems are being introduced to large (multi-billion-dollar scale) applications including home appliances, water and power utilities, automotive, medical, electronics and industrial processes. XERGY has a strategic alliance with the world’s largest appliance manufacturer Haier (China) and its U.S. subsidiary GE Appliances (Haier USA). The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Seaford, DE. XERGY won the GE Ecomagination award in 2011.

Xergy’s Ion exchange membranes conduct ions (Cations (such as Protons) and Anions), that are ultra-thin, ultra-strong, and provide ultra-high ionic transport performance due to their thinness and ability to support highly functional ion exchange materials that would otherwise not be strong enough on their own to be free-standing films. Xergy then takes these advanced membranes and creates high-value, leading-edge products with them. Xergy’s technologies are disruptive and transformational for many critically important markets and can make a huge contribution to the reduction of global energy demand, the reduction in the use of GWP refrigerants, and the reduction of atmospheric ozone.

Xergy’s vision, is to become the new “Intel” of our age. We believe that controlling the movement of ions and molecules through nanoscale channels offers revolutionary pathways for development of home, energy, industrial, medical, and sensing products. Xergy wants to build these products.

The company has 12 associates, and is privately funded (without VC’s) by its founder.

For more information, please visit www.xergyinc.com .

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