Xergy Inc. Wins Another SBIR Phase II Award for Membrane Desalination (Including electrochemical water disinfection and back-up power systems)

Xergy Inc.

Harrington, DE

Xergy Inc. is a global leader in ion exchange membrane technology and systems that employ these membranes. This technology was originally developed under several Small Business Innovation Award from the DOE’s Building Technologies Office (BTO) for heating and cooling applications, and is now being applied to new applications.

Potable water supply is a critical issue globally. Xergy has pioneered the use of these advanced membranes with several industrial partners including Dais-Analytic (Florida) for use in water and waste treatment. There are serious limitations to conventional technology for desalinating water using traditional reverse osmosis membranes. The systems require high operating pressures, and can only practically operate within a salinity sweet spot making them impractical for regions with high salinity content or energy supply limitations.

In its SBIR phase 1 program, Xergy demonstrated a vacuum membrane desalination system at University of Delaware’s Lewes campus, that operates with thermal energy from the sun, to provide pure water with very low level of impurities. In addition, Xergy demonstrated its compact ozone generator that can disinfect output water to medical grade quality, that can be used to wash wounds. In addition, Xergy built an electrochemical back up power system to store energy during daytime, so that the desalination system could run whenever more water was needed.

Bamdad Bahar, Xergy’s President explained “We realized early on that ion exchange membranes had utility in pervaporation type applications. So, we started pioneering many applications in that area including building new 3 fluid heat exchangers using ionic liquid desiccants for air conditioning, energy recovery ventilators, permeation tubes and now, under this program advanced water and waste processing systems. We know this was a very competitive award, and we are very proud to have been selected. We look forward to simply executing and building a larger scale unit as a pre-commercial demonstration unit.”

Bahar added, “Without DOE’s support, our membrane technology would not have advanced to the level it is at today. We believe that this technology will have profound impact on human welfare and energy use globally. It’s an exciting time to be part of our team at Xergy, and continue our fast growth pace.”

Xergy Inc., has now formally launched its spin off products at many industry tradeshows, and is actively marketing. This past year, Xergy was part of 3 winning teams that won ARPA awards for new anionic membranes and devices. With this award, Xergy has now been part of teams that have won over $10 Mn in awards over the past 4 years, employing 15 scientists. This has resulted in 80 inventions that are now various patenting stages. Xergy’s technologies are transformational and disruptive, and will revolutionize refrigeration, energy use, and water conditioning systems globally, resulting in huge environmental benefits.

Xergy Inc. is a high-technology start-up venture in Southern Delaware. It has entered programs to commercialize its technology with many global F500 companies. Xergy Inc. won the GE Ecomagination award in 2011, was a finalist in the Cleantech Awards in 2012, won a DOE SBIR Phase 1 award in 2013, and Phase II award in 2014.

For more information, please visit Xergy’s website www.xergyinc.com or contact Bamdad Bahar, at 302 629 5768


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