Integration of Materials with Specific Ionic Properties that can act as Electrolytes, or Support Electrolytes, or provide Ion Exchange, or provide selective Permeation, or Absorb Ions or be useful in separation systems…


Xergy provides "Consulting and Engineering" services to support integration of Ionic media in your application. Our Ionic engineers start with deep expertise of ionic materials, to then specify the requirements for your application. Xergy engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the construction of products and systems such as batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers, water treatment systems, humidity controls systems, energy storage devices, etc. No project is too big or too small. Call us or email us to request a proposal.


Porous Media Products

  • AvCarb 1071 HCB
  • AvCarb© 1071 HCB Wet Proofing
  • AvCarb© MGL190
  • AvCarb© MGL190 Wet Proofing
  • AvCarb© MGL280
  • AvCarb© MGL280 Wet Proofing
  • AvCarb© MGL370
  • AvCarb© MGL370 Wet Proofing
  • FELT
  • Crbon Cloth Plain
  • Carbon Cloth 5% Wet Proofing
  • Carbon Cloth CC4 5% Wet Proofing
  • Carbon Cloth CC6 5% Wet Proofing
  • GDL

Engineering & Consulting Case Studies


Applied in a broad range of technological applications: Chemical Processes, Electronics, Energy storage, Environmental Systems, and Water treatment. Used in Clean Energy, Decarbonization, and hydrogen economy.

We Have the Widest Selection of Materials in Each Functional Class We Service

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Xergy Metal Hydride Heat Pumps – Operating Heat Pump system

Xergy Inc. Micro-Climate Control
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