Xergy is a leader & innovator in ionic (functional) materials. Our mission is to integrate ionic media into transformational, eco-engineered products for the world! Controlling the movement of ions and molecules through nanoscale channels within ionic materials offers revolutionary pathways for development of extraordinary home, energy, industrial, medical, and sensing products that will make critical contributions to the sustainability of our environment.

You are NOT Alone

  • Most engineers do not have any background in “Ionic Materials”

    • Generally not covered in engineering or material science courses

    • Very limited references available to learn from

  • Ionic Materials are “Inter-disciplinary”

    • Need a background in multiple fields to truly understand how they work

    • Need a background in multiple field to appreciate their potential impact

  • Ionic Materials are very complex

    • There are literally billions of permutations

    • There is a Global supply chain – must be networked globally to play

Every Application is Different

  • This really can not be stressed enough


  • Ionic Materials have many different physical properties

    • Must be tailored for specific applications

  • It is not just a matter of selecting or developing the right ionic material, but also knowing how to integrate it

    • “External” issues: Proper Designs, fixtures, sealing, material compatibilities …

The Problem

  • If you know precisely what you need, and how to do it – then we can put together a supply chain to do it for you

  • But if you don’t, NO-ONE on the supply chain will put together the pieces for you!

    • And no-one in the supply chain can do ‘everything’ you need done

    • Typically there are multiple ‘players’ required to ‘get what you want’

  • And, even if they were willing to guide you, NO-ONE in the supply chain is set up to do R&D for you!

    • Production Equipment is large, Margins are very tight

      • So they charge huge fees for ‘test’ runs on big machines

    • They have a history of having their time wasted

What We Do!

  • We seek to understand you

    • Your history, culture, management, operations, business plans

  • We seek to understand your application

    • In every dimension – design and performance requirements, economics, logistics and supply chain

  • We will propose upfront a development path

    • Step-by-step process to success

  • If selected as your partner, We will then hold you hand through the development process

    • Until you are successful with integrating these materials

Xergy will “Hold your Hand”

  • Develop custom samples for you
  • Help you set up testing for those samples
  • Help you design proper fixtures to integrate these materials
  • Set up a de-risked ‘supply chain’ for you
  • Run pilot production runs for you
  • Create a recipe for bulk production
  • Set up a Quality Assurance system for you
  • ‘Oversee’ outside vendors and ensure they meet your requirements

Xergy “Consulting’s” Principles

  • We are NOT married to any one chemistry or supplier
  • We KEEP UP with an expanding and divergent supply chain
  • We become PARTNERS in your success
    • Our fees are linked to the value we create for you!

Why Xergy Inc. ?