Our mission is to integrate ionic media into transformational products that make critical contributions to the sustainability of our environment and benefit the world.

You are NOT Alone

  • Most engineers do not have any background in “Ionic Materials”

    • Generally not covered in engineering or material science courses

    • Very limited references available to learn from

  • Ionic Materials are “Inter-disciplinary”

    • Need a background in multiple fields to truly understand how they work

    • Need a background in multiple field to appreciate their potential impact

  • Ionic Materials are very complex

    • There are literally billions of permutations

    • There is a Global supply chain – must be networked globally to play

Every Application is Different

  • This really can not be stressed enough


  • Ionic Materials have many different physical properties

    • Must be tailored for specific applications

  • It is not just a matter of selecting or developing the right ionic material, but also knowing how to integrate it

    • “External” issues: Proper Designs, fixtures, sealing, material compatibilities …

The Problem

  • If you know precisely what you need, and how to do it – then we can put together a supply chain to do it for you

  • But if you don’t, NO-ONE on the supply chain will put together the pieces for you!

    • And no-one in the supply chain can do ‘everything’ you need done

    • Typically there are multiple ‘players’ required to ‘get what you want’

  • And, even if they were willing to guide you, NO-ONE in the supply chain is set up to do R&D for you!

    • Production Equipment is large, Margins are very tight

      • So they charge huge fees for ‘test’ runs on big machines

    • They have a history of having their time wasted

What We Do!

  • We seek to understand you

    • Your history, culture, management, operations, business plans

  • We seek to understand your application

    • In every dimension – design and performance requirements, economics, logistics and supply chain

  • We will propose upfront a development path

    • Step-by-step process to success

  • If selected as your partner, We will then hold you hand through the development process

    • Until you are successful with integrating these materials

Xergy will “Hold your Hand”

  • Develop custom samples for you
  • Help you set up testing for those samples
  • Help you design proper fixtures to integrate these materials
  • Set up a de-risked ‘supply chain’ for you
  • Run pilot production runs for you
  • Create a recipe for bulk production
  • Set up a Quality Assurance system for you
  • ‘Oversee’ outside vendors and ensure they meet your requirements

Xergy “Consulting’s” Principles

  • We are NOT married to any one chemistry or supplier
  • We KEEP UP with an expanding and divergent supply chain
  • We become PARTNERS in your success
    • Our fees are linked to the value we create for you!

Why Xergy Inc. ?